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Welcome to PRS

Since 1972, Perception Research Services (PRS) has specialized in consumer research to help marketers connect with shoppers and close sales.

Today, we annually conduct over 800 custom studies worldwide to guide, assess and improve packaging and shopper marketing efforts, including qualitative research, on-shelf assessments, in-store, online and in-home studies.

With our unmatched experience and proprietary tools (including PRS Eye-Tracking), PRS delivers the vital insights and expertise you need to “win at retail”.

Featured Insight

Featured InsightShopper Research Shows Concern for the Environment is Universal, But Attitudes and Behaviors Differ by Country: Perception Research Services (PRS), a packaging and shopper research firm, recently conducted a survey among 1,515 shoppers across Germany, China, and the US to gauge perceptions of environmentally friendly packaging. The results generally showed Germany being the most sensitive to environmental concerns, with China and the US offering a mixed bag of attitudes and behaviors. But some discrepancies were revealed. Continue

Global Reach

Global ReachFor over twenty-five years, PRS has regularly conducted global qualitative and quantitative packaging studies. PRS implements a consistent research methodology for packaging and point-of-sale assessment on a global level. Continue