Perception Research Services and IN VIVO are pleased to announce the merger of their companies. This merger unites the world’s two leading research agencies focused on packaging, shopper marketing and new product innovation. Specifically, the new company PRS IN VIVO brings together: 

  • PRS' global leadership in packaging research with IN VIVO's validated STM/volume forecasting model and expertise in new product testing  
  • IN VIVO’s global network of Shopper Labs with PRS’ extensive Qualitative research team 
  • PRS’ leadership in eye-tracking research with IN VIVO’s pioneering work in applying behavioral economics (“Nudge”) to consumer goods marketing

With these capabilities, PRS IN VIVO will help marketers succeed at both the “1st moment of truth” (purchase) and the “2nd moment of truth” (product usage experience).

New Book

“Starting with the Shopper,” the latest book by PRS’ Scott Young, shares insights, case studies and “lessons learned” from thousands of studies.

Also, PRS will be conducting a series of webinars that will share key learnings from the book.

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